Leading Telemedecine platform,

Phemium provides the technology necessary for the rapid and affordable implementation of customised telemedicine services: "patient-professional" and "professional- professional"

Some figures

Phemium is a pioneering telemedicine service platform in Spain. Since 2001:

  • 5 million customers in service
  • 20 active telemedicine services
  • 150 connected health centres
  • 1000 doctors working with the system
  • 2000 monthly consultations on average

Telemedecine projects accelerator

This allows a configuration and implementation that is adapted to the care, structural or economic needs of any organisation, and makes it possible to consider new cost-effective business models. Phemium is a care processes-oriented platform which combines technology and communications and which is technically configured in an open way in SaaS mode (SaaS or inHouse SaaS).

A solution adapted to multiple scenarios

Its high modularity enables customised telemedicine services to be constructed for numerous types of activities:

  • Cross-consultation for remote clinical examinations and assessments, both scheduled (telegeriatrics, specialised care from primary care centers, prisoner health, etc.) and in emergency situations (telestroke)
  • Telemonitoring of clinical parameters from the patient's home or from other remote locations for chronic monitoring (heart or kidney failure, diabetes, COPD, etc.) or home hospitalisation
  • Teleconsultation between professionals and patients: medical information, consultation, care or triage, among others
  • Telerehabilitation with managed and monitored exercises: respiratory failure, physiotherapy, cognitive therapy, etc.
  • Telecare assisted by a specialised call centre, geolocalisation and route marking
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A single teleconsultation solution adapted to multiple scenarios of telemedicine
Communication tools for modeling different types of teleconsultation

All the communication tools for modeling different types of teleconsultation

Phemium offers a wide range of communication tools: audio and video conferencing, chat, simultaneous phone call, or asynchronous through messaging, documents and forms. Furthermore, it manages the connection status and professional availability timetable, making of appointments and the waiting rooms.

Customizable teleconsultation workflows

Fully customizable workflows and experience

With Phemium, you can configure a tailored workflow for each telemedicine scenario that arises and for the specific business processes of each customer.

We take special care of the user experience in offering environments adapted to human behaviour and to the internet and mhealth browsing standards. Moreover, we adapt ourselves to the graphical identity of each customer so the platform is naturally integrated with their pre-existing solution ecosystem.

Interfaces optimized for multiples devices

Interfaces optimized for the use, requirements and devices

Phemium is a platform that can be very easily connected to any medical device and integrated with third party information systems. Furthermore, it can be used in multiple devices: computer, tablet and smartphone.

By default, the interfaces are optimised to the use, requirements and devices. So, the interface of a teleconsultation portal from a web browser for a patient at home will be different to the interface of a teleconsultation portal on a telemedicine box; or the interface of the professional portal from a web browser will different from an interface on a smartphone.

Integration with medical record and other applications

Integration with clinical history and other applications

Phemium can be integrated with other systems so that professionals can access patient data or consult third-party applications such as a digitalised radiological image viewer or a telemonitoring application directly from their console. The teleconsultation and patient information is stored and it be can shared with an external clinical history system or another application through easy and fast API integrations.

Guaranteed Security

Guaranteed Security

Phemium offers end-to-end secure connections with encrypted communication and secure identification, this ensures patient data protection. We also offer the inHouse SaaS model for those who request it.

Control and Quality of Service

Control and Quality of Service

With Phemium, you can monitor your services and professionals in real time. A statistics panel shows the number of teleconsultations carried out by service with their status and duration, lost calls or results of satisfaction surveys, among others.

An economical, scalable and future-oriented solution

Phemium is marketed in two modes: software as a service (SaaS) or InHouse SaaS. In both cases, licensing costs are based on the number of medical staff using Phemium, irrespective of the number of patients or consultations dealt with. It does not require a dedicated infrastructure and, as any SaaS solution, it continuously incorporates new functionalities and includes continuous support.



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